DCandle Shop

Website: www.dcandleshop.com

DCandle Shop is locally owned and operated in Snellville, GA. We produce a wide variety of Candles, Aroma bead/Aquagem Air & Car fresheners, Bath Salts and Reed Diffusers in many different colors and scents.

At D-Candles, our soy wax is an Ecosoya container blend advanced formula especially made for container candles.

The Advanced formula wax is made from 100% soybean oils
Contains NO pesticides or herbicides and contains NO genetically modified materials. It is not tested on Animals and its Kosher certified.

Our candles are an alternative/additional use of a natural food source.

Our Bath Salts are a blend of Dead Sea salts, pacific sea salts and Epsom salts infused with natural essential oils.

The AquaGem Air Fresheners are a bio-degradable polymer designed to absorb/release water. I have found an additional use and have created them into a lovely air freshener as well. Once the aroma has faded, you simply place them in your garden or plants and they will continue to absorb and release water, so you don’t have to water your plants that often. Is that just cool or what?! These are one of my more popular items.

**D-Candles is based on the belief that if you have a superior product and superior service, then satisfaction is guaranteed! Happy customers are the best form of advertising that money can buy and we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you a superior product with repeat business!

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